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beckham, football and fam.

Posted on: November 29, 2007

lets talk about football. the mainly game in our country. everyone know how to play, but not all of us know how to kick it. in malaysia, football is very popular. although kids play football in the evening with friends. this is good…..

many of us play football to enjoy the game. make this game to get the good health. make this game as the hobby. i can say all of man in our country make football as their hobby. some of football player can be celebrity.. can be a star, model and others. we know ronaldinho, beckham, robert pires. they can make the football popular. every one in the world want to see thier skill (which footballmania).

now beckham…england’s captain now palying with l.a galaxy team from usa. after the transfer beckham from manu to real madrid, many of us can say beckham can’t be a star in real. because all player in real  is a star. but now beckham in l.a can be a star???

yes…but in other side. not in football but get popularity in life. in lifestyle as a model and celebrity…

f.a.m. means football accosiation of malaysia. i think u know about it. football in malaysia controll by f.a.m. starting in school (now ministry of education) ended to national team. we can look the national team, one time ago our national team is better than japan or korea and thailand. but now……where?

nothing to proud with our team. just win the pestabola merdeka…but not have a continues winning. latest our team lost in friendly match with matvia. huh….. just think and come up….r18302171251.jpg


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