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alien in marikh

Posted on: March 23, 2008

do you agree..???

NASA pct shown an object in marikh. this object especially like people sit in a rock. do you agree this object is alien?? many bloggers agree with this statement. they believe this alien in marikh is live.

after this pict shown in news paper and internet, many comment have been recieved. half of them is believed this object is alien. the reason is the body of this object seen like a people. an alien also have a body like a people except thier face is different. (as shown in tv).

otherwise some of them do not agree with this pict and said this in other object seen like a human. their means is rock or other object in marikh face layer. the reason is no other life in this erath except human, animal, three. if this is an alien, how they can live in marikh.?..

so what do u think about it…..

u can share with me


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